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Ander Pino

Ander Pino

Doctor en Biotecnología

Investigador en el Laboratorio I+D de medicina regenerativa.

Investigador en el Laboratorio I+D de medicina regenerativa.

Doctor en Biotecnología

Doctorado en investigación y evaluación de medicamentos. (UPV-EHU)

CUM LAUDE y Mención a Premio Extraordinario: terapias autólogas en dermatología regenerativa.

Master: Investigación social de la comunicación científica. (Valencian Internacional University)

Licenciatura Biotecnología (Universidad de León)

Bachelo´r degree in Biotechnology (The University of Vermont).

Responsable del área de formación en medicina regenerativa.

Docente del Master Terapia regenerativa bucofacial y rehabilitación implantológica oral.

Artículos publicados

Skin injury and wound healing is an inevitable event during lifetime. However, several complications may hamper the regeneration of the cutaneous tissue and lead to a chronic profile that prolongs patient recovery. Platelet-rich plasma is rising as an effective and safe alternative to the management of wounds

Over the last three decades, there has been special interest in developing drugs that mimic the characteristics of natural tears for use it in the treatment of several ocular surface disorders. Interestingly, the composition of blood plasma is very similar to tears. Therefore, different blood-derived products like autologous serum (AS) and plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) have been developed for the treatment of diverse ocular pathologies.

Cutaneous autoimmune and inflammatory diseases are a major burden of global disease and many lack effective treatments that can derive in different dermatoses like atopic dermatitis. Despite the increase prevalence and the high health-care costs worldwide, the heterogeniety and multifactoriality of these diseases mean that effective treatment options are scarce.