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Long-term stability of a novel platelet-rich plasma-based topical serum for cutaneous applications


Background: Skin alterations are usually related to chronic diseases that demand sustained and long-term dosages; hence, it is pivotal that the stability of treatments is preserved. A novel storable and endogenous topical serum (ES) based on the patient’s own blood has been recently developed.

Aims: To investigate the long-term stability of the formulation and to provide preliminary data of its biologic potential.

Methods: Samples from six donors were obtained and either used as fresh samples or cold-stored for 6 months. Physicochemical, rheological, and biological stability of the formulation was determined.

Results: Endogenous topical serum maintained unaltered its organoleptic properties, viscosity, pH, spreadability index, and sterility. The growth factor content including TGFβ-I, EGF, PDGF-AB, HGF, and Ang-I showed no decrease. In contrast, ES showed lower levels of IGF-I once stored. Dermal fibroblasts showed no change in their proliferative activity.

Conclusion: Endogenous topical serum showed to maintain its physicochemical and biological properties after six months of storage. ES might reduce the frequency of blood extractions and would enable patients with chronic disorders to maintain a daily use of the product in a minimally invasive way.

Keywords: growth factors; platelet-rich plasma; skin regeneration; topical serum.