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Platelet-rich therapies as an emerging platform for regenerative medicine


Introduction: The combination of human plasma components with the multiple secretome from platelets has provided a new biological tool that is shaping a new future for its direct application in tissue regeneration as well as in cell culture and advanced therapy by means of its use as a clinical-grade supplement.

Areas covered: Some relevant aspects related to the biology, growth factor delivery and molecular pathways driving the biological effects of platelet-rich therapies are summarized. Their use as clinical-grade cell supplements and advanced therapies is also carefully described.

Expert opinion: Platelet-rich plasma therapies, and especially PRGF, contain an incredible number of biologically active agents that may exert regenerative and therapeutic potential. Here, we highlight the latest advances in this biological approach for the delivery of autologous growth factors with some of the recent new applications including the development of a clinical-grade supplement for advanced therapy.

Keywords: Delivery; autologous; biological therapy; growth factors; matrix; personalized; platelets.