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Performance of the counter-torque technique in the explantation of nonmobile dental implants


Background: The application of the counter-torque technique has been proposed as a conservative and atraumatic alternative for the explantation of nonmobile dental implants. The objective of this report is to assess the performance of this technique in a large number of patients.

Results: Three hundred and fifty-five patients were treated for the explantation of 749 nonmobile dental implants. The explantations were performed by the application of counter-torque to break the bone-implant interface. Successful implant explantation was achieved in 98.4% of the implants. The frequency of complications was 1.3%, most commonly related to the appearance of fissure lines at the implant neck.

Conclusions: The counter-torque technique has a high success rate but is not exempt from complications, although at a very low rate.

Keywords: Counter/torque; Dental implant; Explantation; Implant removal; Minimally invasive; Periimplantitis.