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Mohammad H. Alkhraisat

Mohammad H. Alkhraisat

Doctor en odontología

Investigador. Profesor en el instituto Universitario de Medicina Regenerativa e Implantología Oral UIRMI.

Licenciado en Odontología por la Universidad de Jordania.

Doctor Europeo por la Facultad de Odontologia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid y por la Facultad de Odontología, Universidad de Würzburg, Alemania.

Premio extraordinario de Tesis Doctoral, UCM

Diploma Universitario en Medicina Oral y Manejo de pacientes médicamente comprometidos. Univ. Complutense de Madrid.

Ponente en varias conferencias internacionales y nacionales.

Autor de más de 100 artículos internacionales e inventor de 3 patentes nacionales e internacionales.

Artículos publicados

Narrow dental implants are commonly used to restore narrow alveolar ridges. Although the good performance of narrow dental implants supporting multiple prostheses has been repeatedly demonstrated, there are few studies analyzing their performance in a long-term follow-up together with the influence of the loading protocol. Thus, the objective was to assess the influence of implant loading protocol (immediate vs delayed) on the long-term outcomes of 3.0-mm-diameter dental implants supporting fixed multiple prostheses.

The high biomechanical loads in molar region wounds challenge the indication for short implants to be used as a single-unit implant. This study reports on the outcomes of single-unit short implants (≤ 8.0 mm) in the maxillary and mandibular molar regions. Forty-nine short implants were placed in 48 patients to replace a missing molar tooth.