We are BTI

BTI Biotechnology Institute

BTI is a Spanish multinational company specialised in biomedicine whose activity focuses on three areas: regenerative medicine, oral implantology and sleep disorders.

BTI has a clear vocation for research, is a leader in innovation in implantology and oral rehabilitation, and is considered a worldwide scientific reference in regenerative medicine due to the development and patenting of Endoret® Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (prgf®) technology in different medical specialities.

BTI Biotechnology Institute was founded in 1999 by Dr. Eduardo Anitua, the company’s current President and Scientific Director. Today, BTI is one of the leading companies in implantology and oral rehabilitation, as well as an international scientific reference in the application of regenerative therapies in different areas of medicine: including oral surgery and specialities such as traumatology, dermatology, ophthalmology, sports medicine, cardiovascular, plastic and aesthetic surgery.


Training activities and support for clinical professionals are part of our essence. The passion for better understanding biology, the careful study of biomechanics and the constant search for excellence are the fundamental pillars of our training work. To develop this, we have joined recognised professionals and magnificent facilities in Álava, where more than 1,000 health professionals participate in our different face-to-face activities every year. In addition to this, several thousand more professionals from all over the world use our on-line training resources.

At BTI we have the best technical and human resources.

BTI has a multidisciplinary professional team made up of more than 350 people, 20% of whom are dedicated to R&D.

BTI’s main facilities, located in Vitoria (Álava, Spain), have a large centre for training, research and clinical practice located in Armentia district. Its production centre, dedicated to the manufacture, control and research of products, is located at the Miñano Technology Park.

BTI in the world

BTI Biotechnology Institute is a multinational company with a large presence in Spain and a strong international presence through its subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Portugal, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Through its distributors, BTI is also present in many other countries, including Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Croatia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Chile, Argentina and Saudi Arabia, among others.

The company’s headquarters and main facilities are located in Vitoria (Álava, Spain).