Joaquín Durán-Cantolla

  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery. University of Cantabria (1980).
  • Specialisation in Respiratory medicine. Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital in Cantabria (1985) and in Occupational Medicine (1986).
  • Doctor of Medicine. University of Cantabria (1991).
  • Founder of the Interdisciplinary Sleep Disorders Unit at Txagorritxu Hospital (Vitoria, Spain), of which he was the director until 2011.
  • Head of the Research Section at Araba University Hospital and Scientific Director of the Bio-Araba Institute, which brings together all public research in Álava.
  • Associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad País Vasco (UPV/EHU).
  • Accredited (UNICUAL) as an Agregate Professor of Medicine and by the Spanish Committee of Sleep Medicine (CEAMS) as an Expert in Sleep Disorders.
  • Director of the Interdisciplinary Sleep Disorders Unit of the Eduardo Anitua Foundation (2010).
  • Author of 100 original articles and co-author of 21 medical books.
  • Principal investigator and/or co-investigator of 37 research projects related to sleep apneas-hypopneas syndrome (SAHS) competitively funded by agencies.
  • He has presented 240 abstracts to national and international conferences.
  • He has given 410 national and international conferences as a guest speaker.
  • He has won 13 research awards and is co-inventor of two patents, one of which is an international patent with an operating licence.
  • He is a reviewer and senior consultant for 13 international journals and a member of several editorial committees.
  • His main line of research is the SAHS in epidemiology, diagnostic methods, cardiovascular consequences and treatment.

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