Introduction to implantology

Have you thought about going into implantology and do not know where to start? This is your opportunity.

The course consists of an online and a face-to-face part (workshop).
In order to access to the workshop, it is requiered to view the online contents before and to complete a few questions at the end in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge.
As for the workshop, you will be able to choose when to do it from the proposed dates
In addition, this course is accredited by the Basque Council for Contining Education for Health Professions with 2 credits.

15 hours



How much time do I have to do the theoretical part? 

You have a maximum period of three months, from the moment you register.
As you can see, there are several dates to do the workshop. If you can’t do the practical part on the next date after registration, you can do it on the following available dates: February 11 and July 8 (2022).

What does the workshop consist of? 

  • You will learn to use the BTI Scan® III planning software and will be able to practice on real cases.
  • You will be able to place implants on resin models, know the drilling sequences and practice the sutures.
  • You will learn the preparation protocol for the different types of graft based on the use of Endoret® (PRGF®) and you will prepare different grafts yourself.
  • You will be able to learn about and handle the prosthetic components and practice taking impressions of models.

Where we will do the workshop? 

The workshop will take place at the Eduardo Anitua Institute in Vitoria. Or if you live on the American continent, at the BTI headquarters in Mexico.

Materials included in the course:

  • Access to all the contents of the theoretical programme (online)
  • One day of classroom training: 4 different workshops + lunch and coffee
  • The book: “Surgical Manual – Oral Implantology”
  • Demo version of the BTI Scan® III planning software
  • Course completion certificate